21st – 23rd October 2020

Lower Primary Class

What a fantastic week! On our nature walk, we children, found lots of different tree leaves. There were so many interesting leaves that we decided to start a project all about leaves. We identified the tree that the leaf came from. To do this we looked at the shape of the leaves, which can vary considerably and then looked closely at the leaf pattern and its margin, which sometimes needed a magnifying glass. We also looked at the arrangement of leaves on the stem – this is the most common way to identify a tree in the field during the growing season. Some children thought that they may become a forester or a botanist. The children went on to make felt leaves – they used natural pigments from vegetables to dye the felt, added some lovely stitching then made a length of beautiful bunting. Each leaf was tied on with a wish or dream for the future. This was a very special group project!

Upper Primary Class

The children that had attended the nursery remembered that, on a child’s birthday, they would carry a model ‘earth’ around a candle (the ‘Sun’) for the same member of times as they had years to show their new age. Until 500 years ago, the earth was thought to be the centre of the universe, so this Montessori method of celebrating birthdays is a good way to prevent such misconceptions and embed the knowledge that it is the sun that sits in the centre of our solar system.

Today, Willow as the ‘sun’, holding a torch, whilst Silver spun ‘earth’ and walked around the sun so we could refresh what we knew about day , night, and years. When Silver tilted the earth, er saw how this causes seasons – and also how it can be mid-winter in the Northern hemisphere and mid-summer in the southern, simultaneously. We introduced a ‘moon’ orbiting the earth and discussed why we never see ‘the dark side of the moon’ since it rotates around the earth at the same rate as it rotates on its axis.

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