23rd – 25th September 2020

Upper Primary Class

Following on from the theme of healthy diet and exercise, this week the older class looked at the circulatory system, that carries all this healthy food and Oxygen (02) around our bodies; also removing waste and helping us to fight disease. The children guessed at how much blood circulates in our bodies, after looking at a 1 litre container. Beau correctly suggested 5 litres, which was then visualised with a 5ltr container of red water. But we knew blood wasn’t just coloured water so we made a model of it in a vase of straw-coloured liquid ‘plasma’ (cold tea!). Finally, we showed how mammals, including humans, have a double blood circulation (unlike fish). We colour-coded our diagrams and then we acted out the circulatory system in the playground. It was quite complicated, but everyone quickly learnt to come back to the heart with their oxygenated red blood cells (red balls) before venturing off to the body and to return back to the heart with deoxygenated blood (blue balls) before replenishing it with oxygen at the lungs.

Lower Primary Class

This week, the children have been super busy. The teachers have observed the children coming to the work with a curiosity that lends itself to being intrinsically motivated – driven by the internal reward one gets from doing something that is enjoyable. The children have been working collaboratively – giving lessons to peers, sharing their knowledge, reflecting on their work together too.

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