March at the Skylarks cabin

Book making…

Lots of children have been busy book-making recently.  We have a variety of interesting books in the environment which the children use to direct their own learning, asking more questions along the way, adding beauty through illustration and book-binding.  There are always more books to be made, new ways of binding them, and details to include…



After lunch play-time, the children will often read.  One day, I asked the children to find a book while I prepared something in the nursery.  I returned to the cabin to find them all reading one book together – each taking turns to read out the different voices.  A sweet surprise, reminding me how children are so capable of organising themselves, and are so clever with their word-play.


Skip counting….

One of the beautiful qualities of a mixed aged setting is how the older children support the younger children.  Whether this is through the older ones inspiring the the youngers by working on something that looks challenging and exciting, or how compassion and patience are teachers all the same.  Skip counting games and exercises became interesting, and the older ones settled into their knowledge when they could show the youngers how to use the material to support their learning.  Here, the youngers work with the golden beads and coloured bead bars and the olders work more abstractly – with multiples of 6 on paper.

Geography and science – looking at rivers…

We have been exploring lots about the work of rivers – making river models, line graphs of the largest rivers, mapping rivers of the world, writing stories on how the water moves, doing experiments on water…  We were coming into looking more at the River Dart, and how to map it, so we started making our own maps based on the cabin.  We made some birds-eye-view maps, treasure maps in the garden (think x-marks-the-spot), and had lots of conversation about perspective.



Fractions have also been a big theme recently.  We looked at fractions in the real world (time, cooking, baking, etc), equivalence, adding fractions and even made some fraction dominoes.

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