11 – 13 March 2020

In mathematics, the older children have been enjoying working on addition sums.  They use a variety of Montessori materials to support their work. For example, the fraction frames introduce quantity and the names of fraction parts as well as giving a sensorial impression of equivalent fractions. The materials are also used for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The children love Roman numerals – this material supports the child to go beyond the familiar 1-10 all the way to 100. The children often set out their own addition sums using Roman numerals. Once the child has built a solid foundation and is experienced with the golden beads they then move on to working with the bead frame (abacus) again this material can be used for all operations.

In English, the children have been working on prepositions and adverbs along with having some fun with fronted adverbials to enrich their storytelling.

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